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  • January 24, 2022 3 min read

    Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to maintain your skin health while on vacation, visiting the gym, or when working long hours at the office? If so, Waphyto has a solution for you!

    Available now, and for as long as supplies last, Japan’s biomethodology beauty brand has released their newest trial kit, perfect for taking your skincare routine to-go. This special edition kit features Waphyto’s entire skincare collection in portable trial sizes and convenient single-use sachets, plus a sustainable bamboo pouch for toting them everywhere you travel. 


    About The Products: Meet The Waphyto Skincare Collection

    Waphyto’s skincare range was created to support all men and women of all ages with formulas that can be used to treat any skin type. Each product is plant-powered, featuring botanical ingredients that promote a happy, healthy complexion, and enhance your natural radiance.

    Here is what’s included:

    • Regena Cleansing Oil - For gentle washing and removing makeup
    • Regena Foaming Wash - For deep cleansing and purifying
    • Regena Toner - For replenishing your skin post-cleanse
    • Regena Facial Milk - For balancing and hydrating the skin
    • Regena Enriched Cream - For deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating dry skin
    • Regena Facial Oil - For nourishing skin and providing the perfect finish


    Tips For On-The-Go Skincare

    When your regular routine is disrupted, or just more busy than usual, keeping up with caring for your skin can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you maintain your best practices for self care, here are a few tips:


    Tip #1: Skip the unknowns and stick to what works

    A common pitfall of travel, or being away from routine, is not having access to the products you would normally use, and just reaching for whatever is available. Unfortunately, while this might be convenient, it creates inconsistency for your skin and can lead to irritation or other issues. Instead, we recommend taking along the products you know are effective for your skin, and passing on anything else.


    Tip #2: Make it part of your intentional itinerary

    When you are tight on time, it can be tempting to forego skincare altogether. However, because stress contributes to many skin problems, it’s often at this time that you need it most. Remembering that it takes just a few minutes to wash your face and apply products, consider committing to just five minutes in the morning and setting that time aside as a stress free moment for yourself. As a result, you’ll be refreshed and better prepared to tackle the rest of your day.


    Tip #3: Pack light, but pack smart
    Don’t have room for full-size products? No problem. Travel sizes like those contained in the Skincare Trial Kit are miniature versions of the real thing, meaning you still get all the benefits, and in a more convenient, compact package. If space is limited, simply choose your most-used formulas to pare down the routine, and then treat yourself to a full protocol as soon as you return home.


    How To Use The Skincare Trial Kit

    There are multiple ways to enjoy your Skincare Trial Kit with Bamboo Pouch. The complete set allows you to carry your favorite products everywhere you go, and maintain your routine without sacrificing results. Plus, you can sample the full Waphyto product range and determine your must-haves before purchasing the full sizes. With products that support all ages and skin types, this kit makes an amazing gift for any occasion. Just be sure to grab yours while supplies last!


    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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