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  • February 27, 2022 3 min read

    Do you make intimate wellness a part of your self care routine?

    At Waphyto, feminine self care is considered to be a fundamental component of every woman’s health and well-being. Brand founder Atsuko Morita is a passionate advocate for this, with a background studying gynecology, anatomy, physiology, and medical sexology, in addition to her well-cultivated experience with plant biology sciences, French Phytotherapy and Japanese Herbology.

    In fact, one of her company's four brand pillars–known as the Four Es–is focused on Empowerment, symbolizing Waphyto’s commitment to equality, positivity, and awareness for women’s issues. With this in mind, the brand’s collection of holistic products features a full range of options devoted to sustainable, environmentally-friendly intimate and feminine care for women at all of life’s stages–including during motherhood, menopause, and everything in between.

    Speaking recently on the subject of Femtech, Atsuko expressed that the inspiration behind Waphyto’s products is supporting women throughout a lifetime of wellness.

    “We created our Intimate Care lineup out of hopes to bring comfort to every woman's day-to-day care. Vaginal care is the secret for women of all ages to live a comfortable life, which also correlates to mental health, too,” she says. “We support all women who are constantly multitasking with the power of plants, so that they can relax and show their true femininity.”

    For facilitating comprehensive plant-powered care, the intimate collection features three products: Intimate Wash, Intimate Lubricant, and Intimate Oil. All the products have been formulated with Waphyto’s signature botanical ingredients, including mulberry, chrysanthemum, gotu kola, Japanese mugwort, and horsetail, which are perfect for specially treating the delicate skin of the intimate area. The ingredients are even intentionally grown without the use of pesticides or toxins, and overseen by Atsuko in her home region of Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture.
    For using the intimate products, she recommends the following three-step protocol:


    • Step One: Gentle cleansing with Intimate Wash - This gentle and mild formula, infused with botanical skin-conditioning agents, helps support purifying and properly balancing pH levels. It is gentle enough for daily use and has a fresh, feminine fragrance.
    • Step Two: Replace lost hydration with Intimate Lubricant - A lightweight gel for preventing dryness, dullness, and discoloration, this non-sticky lubricant nourishes delicate skin and supports moisture retention.
    • Step Three: Massage with Intimate Oil- Featuring a beautiful blend of eight different plant-based oils, the light texture of the Intimate Oil makes it a perfect massage medium, and also prevents dryness due to aging, imbalance diet, or loss of sleep.

    Beyond the Intimate Collection, Waphyto also supports Femtech by creating products for the hair, body, and skincare as well. For daily facial care, Atsuko recommends the following:

    • Step One: Deep Hydration with Regena Toner - Using this luxe lotion toner, the skin is instantly replenished and balanced, and the enchanting aromatherapy fragrance is uplifting for your mood.
    • Step Two: Treat and protect with Regena Facial Oil- With a combination of squalane, camellia seed oil, and gamma seed oils, this synergistic hydrating and illuminating formula is the perfect elixir for rejuvenating dry or dull skin
    • Step Three: Moisturize with Regena Enriched Cream - The final finishing touch for any facial routine is a nourishing cream. This one supports a healthy glow from the inside out and a smooth, supple, texture for all complexions.


    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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