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  • December 24, 2021 3 min read

    It has been an amazing first year at Waphyto. From launching as Japan’s first biomethodology beauty brand, to expanding globally and connecting with incredible customers all over the world, there has been so much to celebrate.


    At a recent anniversary event, team members from the Waphyto flagship store in Tokyo, reflected on their experience, sharing what they love about being a part of the Waphyto family. Here is what they had to say:


    Four Reasons Why We Love Waphyto


    #1: Waphyto was founded with persistence and passion

    Ambassadors from the flagship store say one of their favorite things about Waphyto is the dedication of creator and founder, Atsuko Morita. Drawing from her years of researching plant science, cosmetic chemistry, phytotherapy, and women’s wellness, staff members say her devotion shows in every part of the process.


    “I feel that Waphyto is such a special brand,” says one flagship staffer. “It is precisely because of her straightforwardness and persistence that Waphyto conveys love to every person it touches.” 


    #2: Waphyto chooses every ingredient with intention

    Homegrown botanicals, and an attention to high-quality formulation, are other reasons employees say they are impressed with Waphyto. Many of the brand's essentials are sourced locally from the Mikawa region, infused with all the incredible energetic properties of the soil where they grow.


    “Waphyto is so particular about the ingredients,” one employee noted. “We love that our founder goes to the farm and picks the plants with her own hands. The fact that our key plants are from Japan is also meaningful. We are blessed by the land where we grew up.”


    #3: Waphyto is a brand that respects the world around us

    Beyond preserving the purity of the local environment, Waphyto is also actively innovating the world of clean beauty. From protecting natural resources to using only sustainable, recyclable packaging, the brand goes above and beyond, and staff members say this commitment does not go unnoticed.


    A shop employee explains, “We think about how Atsuko Morita went through her life before Waphyto was created, in particular all of the research she did to protect and utilize the land where she was born and raised. There is a deep respect for the culture and people who call this region home.”


    #4: Waphyto makes products that truly support self care

    According to the flagship team, one more reason to celebrate Waphyto is the brand’s unique approach to multigenerational wellness. All of the collections - for skin, body, hair and intimate care - are formulated with nutrient-rich, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, plant-based ingredients. Waphyto products can be used to holistically care for all people, making the brand accessible to men and women of all ages.


    The staff at the Tokyo store shares Waphyto’s passion for self care saying, “We hope that you will feel the power of the plants when you use Waphyto products.” 


    Staff Picks: Favorite Waphyto products to shop this season

    While admitting that it’s difficult to narrow it down, beauty counselors from the flagship store also shared a few of their favorite Waphyto formulas. Here is what they recommend:


    • Regena Toner - “My favorite item is the Regena Toner. It is one of the best scented skincare products on the market and makes me feel the importance of taking time to care for myself. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, and I don't have to worry about it drying my skin.”


    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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