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  • July 11, 2022 2 min read

    We are now offering a very special limited-quantity care kit focused on promoting feminine self care and intimate wellness.

    Available while supplies last, fans of the brand, and first-time users, can experience the entire intimate care range, which includes a two week supply of Intimate Wash and Intimate Lubricant, as well as samples of the Intimate Oil. The kit also comes with its own upcycled bamboo tote - made from 70% bamboo fiber - for convenient carry and travel.

    Biomethodology Beauty for Delicate Skin: About The Intimate Care Collection
    Waphyto’s founder is Atsuko Morita, an expert in plant biomethodology, phytotherapy, and women’s health and beauty. Based on her many years of research and development, the intimate range has been intentionally designed to support wellness for women. From menstruation, to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, menopause, and beyond, Waphyto’s intimate care products are appropriate for women of all ages.

    All three formulas feature nutrient-rich botanical ingredients and extracts specifically-selected based on their ability to promote pH balance, gentle cleansing, and moisturizing for delicate skin. They are also infused with their own signature feminine fragrance. Based on French phytotherapy principles, the products are scented with essential oil notes of geranium, orange, lavender, and palmarosa.

    Products featured in the intimate collection include:

    Intimate Wash - For daily cleansing, purifying, and refreshing delicate skin, Intimate Wash is a gentle formula that can be used as the first step in any intimate care routine. It contains skin-conditioning Japanese botanicals, Someiyoshino Leaf Extract, Suizenori Polysaccharide, Yaeyama Aoki Fruit Juice (noni), Adlay Seed Extract, as well as Artichoke Leaf Extract.

    Intimate Lubricant- With a host of replenishing natural ingredients, Intimate Lubricant supports optimal hydration levels. It is ideal for addressing dryness, dullness, and discoloration, all of which can be common, age-related concerns for women. This non-sticky formula also features Waphyto’s signature botanicals and skin conditioning agents.

    Intimate Oil - An incredible combination of eight different nourishing plant-based oils can be found in the Intimate Oil formula, which can be used to treat the intimate area with intense moisture. It features a luxe, yet lightweight and easy-to-massage texture perfect for pampering delicate skin.

    You can buy this set here 

    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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