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July 28, 2022 2 min read

Waphyto is excited to celebrate a new season with you! Whether you spend your summer traveling, at the beach, or enjoying longer days with loved ones, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and experience the beauty of Mother Nature.


However, summertime can present some added challenges for your skin. To help you keep it glowing all season, here are a few of our favorite tips:


Tip #1: Stay hydrated!

Healthy skin functions at its best when it is properly hydrated. However, elements such as heat, humidity, and excess sun exposure in summer can make it more difficult to keep your skin at optimal levels. Therefore, it is especially important to treat the skin to add hydration both internally and externally. Be sure to drink plenty of water, while also applying moisturizing products topically.

Tip #2: Keep your skin properly protected

Though we love spending time in the sun, too much exposure can be harmful for the skin, contributing to conditions such as redness, dark spots, discoloration, and even permanent damage. To prevent this from happening, be sure to apply SPF daily and wear UV protective clothing, whenever possible.  

Tip #3: Practice skincare minimalism

With so much activity in the summer, you may find that you prefer not to use too many products. Extra layers can make the skin feel heavy or sticky, so with this in mind, it’s okay to pare your routine down a bit. Rather than skipping your routine altogether, we recommend focusing on just a few products, with quality ingredients for promoting hydration and overall skin health. Keep reading for a few ideas.

For a routine that will help you keep your skincare simple, while maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion, two products we love are Regena Balancing Toner and Regena Facial Milk.

Regena Balancing Toner is a botanically-based toner that supports optimal balance in the skin. When applied after your cleansing step, the floral water infused formula quickly absorbs to replenish the skin and keep it feeling refreshed, even on hot days.

Next, Regena Facial Milk provides a lightweight layer of nourishing plant-based oils and other nutrient-rich plant-powered ingredients to keep your skin moisturized without feeling weighed down. For best results, we suggest adding it to your routine following Regena Balancing Toner and before any protective suncare products.

Waphyto Team
Waphyto Team

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