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May 26, 2022 3 min read

As a multifaceted beauty brand informed by culture and tradition, in addition to innovative research, Waphyto is dedicated to designing a range of personal care products that not only generate results, but also inspire overall wellness.

Our intentionally crafted formulas draw inspiration from Eastern Philosophy and Chinese Medicine, in order to bring you the best of Mother Nature meets modern science. Here is a closer look at how it works:

Essential Harmony: What is Yin and Yang Theory?
Originating in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang is a centuries old concept explaining balance in the natural world. According to the theory, Yin and Yang represent the two energetic characteristics necessary to maintain perfect harmony. Essentially, Yin symbolizes stillness and calm, whereas Yang represents movement and activity.

Although these two energies are opposites, both are equally important and they work together to create synergy and unity. Some tangible examples of Yin and Yang in daily life include female and male energy, the moon and sun, night and day, winter and summer, North and South.

Holistic Hair Health: Yin and Yang Hair Care with Waphyto

As a wellness brand informed by the beauty of Mother Earth, Waphyto is inspired by the inherent balance that exists in nature. We have formulated the fragrances of our favorite hair care essentials according to this philosophy. These include:

Nurture Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash
With a distinct Yin influence, the Nurture products work particularly well to address thinning or oily hair conditions. Featuring a calming and soothing scent of lavender, lemon, geranium, rosemary, camphor leaf, bergamot, and orange, they were designed to promote tranquility, reduce worry and anxiety, and leave you feeling relaxed.

Elevate Shampoo and Conditioner
For a boost of energy, the Elevate products embody Yang energy, promoting hair growth and vitality. Their unique scent contains uplifting mandarin, lavender, orange, rosemary, coriander, clove, and camphor leaf in one refreshing, revitalizing, and invigorating blend.

The Theory of Qi, Blood, and Water

Besides Yin and Yang, another Eastern Medicine concept that is central to Waphyto’s formulation philosophy is that of Qi, Blood, and Water.

Qi refers to the mindful energy or “spirit” that circulates within us, while blood represents circulation throughout our many intricate internal systems. Similarly, water symbolizes the movement of vital fluids within the body. According to ancient wisdom, these three components are essential and reliant upon one another for optimal functionality and cultivating overall health.

Body in Balance: Waphyto products featuring elements of Eastern Medicine

To apply this approach to wellness in practice, the aromatherapy of our body care collection features from the concept of Qi, Blood, and Water and can be found in the following formulas:

Balance Body Oil and Hand Cream
Focused on the concept of Qi, Balance fragrance incorporates notes of bergamot, orange, lime, mandarin, lemongrass, pink pepper, and citronella to support mindful serenity. This option is recommended for issues with fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and low energy.

Enhance Body Oil and Hand Cream
Blended according to principles of the Blood element, Enhance aromatherapy contains lavender, rosemary, orange, primrose, geranium, and clove leaf for encouraging circulation and regeneration. This formula is ideal for those struggling with poor complexion, under eye circles, dryness, and dull skin.

Unwind Body Oil and Hand Cream
For addressing stagnation in the form of swelling, dehydration, congestion, and fatigue, Unwind products represent the Water element and promote clearing. The signature scent contains cypress, geranium, orange, eucalyptus, cedar wood, peppermint, cibelli fir, and tea tree, all of which can be used to improve focus and facilitate a calm mind.

Creating Rituals That Resonate: How to incorporate Waphyto’s inspired aromatherapy

At Waphyto, we believe there is no wrong way to practice self care. Our complete lineup of products for the skin, hair, body, and intimate care can be mixed, matched, collected, and customized according to your lifestyle or day-to-day needs.

For best results, we recommend using whichever formulas you feel most called to, in order to build a routine that works for you and enjoy a lifetime of balanced wellness and beauty.

Waphyto Team
Waphyto Team

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