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  • December 26, 2022 2 min read

    We areexcited to share that Waphyto founder, Atsuko Morita, was recently profiled by ELLE Magazine in an article highlighting some of the world’s most influential women. 

    According to ELLE, all women on the list this year were chosen for their impact in multiple industries, ranging from politics, environment, and economics, to culture and fashion. The article entitled “ELLE 100: Women That Are Changing The World” states:  

    These women are taking chances and changing society in their own ways. From Taylor Swift to Malala Yousafzai, here are 100 women who have impacted and inspired the world using their voices, talents and motivation.They have fought tirelessly for our rights, battling prejudice at every turn. These women are using their voices to change the world.”

    Featured in the category of Beauty, Atsuko Morita was chosen for her award-winning discoveries as a leader in the field of biomethodological phytotherapy – a combination of French phytotherapy and traditional herbology. Utilizing this unique approach, Atsuko founded Japan’s first biomethodology beauty brand in 2020, and launched in the global market the following year.



    About Atsuko Morita: Defining Moments and Future Plans

    Waphyto founder Atsuko Morita is a plant scientist and phytotherapist, born and raised in Japan. When she developed asthma during the course of her professional life as a flight attendant, along with dry skin and hair, Atsuko turned to a French friend, who recommended phytotherapy techniques. 

    Using phytotherapeutic products, Atsuko noticed that the symptoms of her asthma gradually dissipated and was inspired to leave her airline career to attend medical school. After extensive study of botanical therapies in Paris, she went on to establish her own phytotherapy school, “Le Bois” . 

     Atsuko continues to expand Waphyto’s product collection with new and innovative formulas, and is a passionate wellness advocate for women. She specializes in phytotherapeutic self-care to support women‘s health, and is additionally renowned for her contributions to the emerging femtech movement. 

    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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