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  • January 17, 2023 2 min read

    Waphyto is excited to celebrate a beautiful new year, and be a part of your self care resolutions in 2023.

    In order to provide a bit of inspiration, today we are sharing some of our favorite treatment tips and product picks. Here is what we suggest:

    Resolution #1: Make the switch to plant-powered skincare

    If you have yet to join our clean beauty movement, this year is the perfect time to get started. Choosing products filled with nutrient botanical ingredients, and minimizing exposure to additives such as artificial fragrance or colorants, has many benefits for supporting health and wellness in addition to helping maintain a balanced, radiant complexion.

    At Waphyto, all products from our holistic beauty range are completely free of synthetic activators, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, parabens, and petroleum-based surfactants, providing comprehensive care without the use of any harmful ingredients.

    Resolution #2: Add a targeted serum to your routine rituals

    If you are looking for just one step to transform your skin in 2023, our recommendation would be applying a daily serum. Because serums are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients, they are some of the most effective for affecting positive change in the skin.

    The best way to get great results from a serum is to choose one that addresses your specific concerns, and use it consistently. If you are new to active formulas, you can start with just once per day following cleansing and toning, but before your favorite moisturizer. Then, after a few weeks, you can increase usage to twice per day.


    Resolution #3: Focus on moisture and hydration

    A common mistake many people are still making with skincare is not focusing enough on moisture and hydration, which are essential for the skin to complete everyday processes – including cellular turnover, repair, and immunity against conditions such as acne. Although it may seem simple, all skin types need moisture support and prioritizing this step can do a lot to enhance your overall results.

    For this, we recommend products such as Facial Milk, Facial Oil, or Enriched Cream this year, which can help to replenish lost moisture, ensure long-lasting hydration, and promote a healthy glow.


    Commit To Inspired Wellness with Waphyto: Our Products Picks for 2023 


    • The Winter Discovery Kit– To begin building your own customized, plant-powered rituals, the Winter Discovery Kit contains everything you need to practice holistic skincare – including Regena Cleansing Oil, Regena Foaming Wash, Regena Toner, Regena Serum, and Regena Enriched Cream. It also comes with its own portable bamboo pouch, so you can take your skincare on the go and never miss a step in the routine.
    • Regena Serum – Designed to support radiant, ageless beauty, Regena Serum is our newest addition to the Waphyto skincare family and an instant favorite for all skin types. Featuring Waphyto’s proprietary botanicals, functional peptides and adaptogens from ashwagandha, this special formula provides luxurious moisture, and protection against environmental stressors.


    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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