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  • February 10, 2023 3 min read

    Waphyto’s founder, Atsuko Morita is the guiding light behind Japan’s first biomethodology brand, and an advocate for women’s health and wellness.

    In a recent interview, she shared some of her most meaningful and inspiring advice for women navigating motherhood, self care, and sexual well-being. Here are some key takeaways that speak to her mission and offer guidance for women of all ages:


    #1: Women’s body’s deserve special care

    In her interview, Morita emphasized that it is important for women to get to know their own bodies in order to better understand the unique nuances of feminine wellness and to address health holistically. 

    In her own words, she expressed, “A woman’s body is intricate and can be heavily affected by female hormones. It’s not uncommon to experience pain or suffering, and at times, even sorrow. However, by checking in with yourself and doing self care, your mind and body will live gracefully. I believe in prioritizing and reminding yourself of what your happiness is as a woman.” 

    This philosophy informs much of Morita’s present-day work creating products for Waphyto’s Intimate Care line. As she explains:

     “One of the most important things to understand is the condition of your vagina, and physical structure of the genital area. Next is using a specialized wash to properly moisturize. We have face wash, so why don’t we have a specific wash for the most sensitive part of our bodies? Using different products according to different parts means you are taking good care of your body.”



    #2: Sexual wellness is essential

    Based on her extensive background studying phytotherapy and sexology, as well as her leadership in the growing femtech movement, Morita is passionate that women should not be ashamed or afraid to address sexual wellness. 

    From choosing the right cosmetics and hygiene products to having access to femtech tools, she strives to enlighten women regarding the many aspects of feminine self care.

    “While I was studying at Université de Paris in France, I saw that femtech products were commonly sold in drug stores and department stores all over Europe. Japan, on the other hand, often treats these products like adult toys and places them in their stores as such. This was a huge culture shock,” Morita explains. “Sexual wellness is nothing to be embarrassed about. With the right knowledge, we can learn to protect and keep our bodies healthy.” 


    #3: Female health is the foundation of happy families

    Lastly, Morita shared that there is a critical connection for women between a healthy body, healthy relationships, and happiness.  

    Understanding that the female body undergoes many changes throughout a lifetime – including pregnancy, menopause, and monthly menstrual cycles – she added that women should not only be aware of their bodies, but also feel empowered to communicate their needs to their families and partners.

    “The most important thing you can do as a woman is to confront your mind and your body, and take care of both for the rest of your life,” Morita said.  

    “You also need to be honest with yourself. The French are very honest and straightforward. That’s why they’re good at communicating about their bodies and feelings to their partners. I also want to embrace having that kind openness with my close partner, to have them and myself to understand my body and feelings, as well as continue taking care of myself.”


    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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