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  • October 09, 2022 3 min read

    As a holistic beauty and wellness brand, one of Waphyto’s founding principles – called the four Es – is our commitment to empowering women. Our founder, Atsuko Morita, is passionate about empowering women, shared her message.


    Here are a few key lessons from her.

    Lesson #1: Health = Happiness
    When asked what it means to have a happy body, Morita is adamant that true happiness can not be achieved without cultivating health inside and out. Early in her career, she experienced this first hand, when lack of work and life balance caused her to develop health concerns.

    “Personally, when I was in my twenties, there was a time I worked so hard, past my physical limits,” she said. “I couldn’t keep up and it disrupted my pace of life. My skin and breathing conditions were weak. My hair started to fall out, to the point of needing to wear a wig. I learned through these experiences that it’s important to create a comfortable environment for yourself to stay healthy.”

    On her journey to look and feel better, she discovered phytotherapy as well as Chinese and herbal medicine, which are the inspiration behind the products she creates today.

    Lesson #2: “Listen To What Your Body is Telling You”

    Elaborating on what she has learned during her time studying women’s health and feminine wellness, Morita noted that many women struggle to put their health first and honor their own needs. She emphasizes that although women are under immense pressure to always be working and caring for others, it’s important not to ignore the body’s mental and physical cues as a proactive approach to self care.

    “First, take notice of the slightest changes, like noting any pain you feel or why some areas are swollen. Check in with yourself to see if you’re taking care of your mental health, if you’re getting enough sleep, or if you’re taking care of feminine hygiene and adapt to any changes,” she said.

    “This is especially true for sex, which is often overlooked but is just as important to a happy body as food and sleep.”

    Lesson #3: It’s Time Talk Openly About Women’s Wellness

    Another common trend Morita has noticed while connecting with women at industry events, is that it can be difficult to talk about the issues that influence women’s health the most.
    “I have been told countless times that conversations about the vagina and a woman’s body are
    embarrassing or inappropriate,” she noted. “I have spent time trying to communicate that your
    mind, body, and vagina are all connected and without caring for all three, there is no way you
    can be fully happy.”

    With this in mind, Morita dedicates her work to spreading awareness and trying to shift the
    conversation around women’s health. Many of the products she creates with Waphyto are
    designed to support holistic wellness for women, including intimate health and hygiene.


    Lesson #4: Find Joy In The Feminine
    Lastly, Morita advocates for embracing the qualities that are unique to being a woman, and the
    wisdom that comes with age. In spite of the many challenges women still face, her mission is for
    every woman to believe they are lucky to experience life as a woman.

    In her own words: “Accept your body’s natural instincts, savor it, and enjoy being a woman. This kind of happiness doesn’t stop in your twenties or thirties. In fact, I believe you’ll learn a deeper appreciation as you grow older.”

    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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