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  • May 02, 2022 2 min read

    Mother’s Day is a holiday for recognizing mothers everywhere. It serves as a time to cherish the women in our lives who nurture and support us.

    As Japan’s first biomethodology beauty brand, Waphtyo is also equally committed to honoring another mother - one who takes care of each and every one of us - our Mother Earth.

    From the beginning, it has been Waphyto’s mission to create products that inspire each of us to live in harmony with the natural world. So in celebration of Mother’s Day this year, let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways in which we do this:

Plant-based biomethodology in practice.

    Founded in 2020 by Atsuko Morita, Waphyto takes a unique approach to formulating its collection of holistic products for the skin, hair, body, and intimate care. The secret is a fusion of phytotherapy, herbalism, and modern science referred to as bio-phytotherapy. Looking to the elements of the natural world and recognizing their potent properties, Waphtyo is forging a return to nature by creating a line of products almost completely powered by plants.

Better botanical ingredients for holistic wellness
    While ingredient science is an essential part of the process, equally important is the cultivation of each component. The brand’s proprietary botanicals - mulberry, chrysanthemum, gotu kola, mugwort, and horsetail - are first grown and gathered from the mineral-rich and nutrient-dense soil of Higashi Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture. From there, Waphyto then utilizes its own special extraction and distillation techniques in order to preserve the natural energy of the plants and maximize their efficacy.

    A continued commitment to clean beauty
    Waphtyo is a multigenerational brand, and as such, we are committed to preserving the purity of our planet for many generations to come. In addition to our focus on plant biomethodology, there are four fundamental pillars at the heart of everything Waphyto does. These are known as the four Es. Outlining the company’s practices for transparency in manufacturing, eco-friendly packaging, educational outreach, and more, the brand is committed to remaining Environmental, Elemental, Ethical and Empowered, every step of the way.

    Four gifts mom will love this Mother’s Day
    Ready to join our clean beauty movement and treat the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day? Here are a few of our featured kits for giving mom the gift of self care:

    Botanical Deep Moisture set - Featuring a deeply moisturizing combination of two favorite skincare formulas, this pampering set contains Regena Enriched Cream and Regena Facial Oil, which can be used together to replenish and rejuvenate dry skin.

    Light Balancing Hydration set - For combination or oily skin types, Regena Balancing Toner and Regna Facial Milk provide the perfect solution. Both are lightweight, hydrating, and leave skin looking luminous.

    Root-to-tip Healthy Hair set - To treat hair root-to-tip with natural hair care, the Scalp Lotion and Hair Conditioning Milk, work perfectly together as a holistic daily duo. This set is ideal for addressing a number of common concerns including dry, aging, or heat damaged hair.

    Holistic Body Wellness set - Create a beautiful allover ritual with this trio from the body care collection. It contains a miniature Nurture Body Wash, plus your choice of aromatherapy fragranced Body Oil and Hand Cream.

    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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