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  • September 16, 2023 2 min read

    Waphyto is proud to reflect on the journey to becoming an industry leader, and we’d like to share a few of our favorite milestones from along the way. 


    Thank you for supporting our clean beauty movement and being a part of our story!

    Milestone #1: Atsuko Morita is introduced to the power of plants

    From a young age, Waphyto’s founder, Atsuko Morita, witnessed the magical properties of plants, working alongside her mother in her home region of Higashi-Mikawa. Said to have some of “the strongest hidden energy on Earth,” Mikawa is known for its especially nutrient-rich soil, which produces some of the world’s most efficacious botanical ingredients.


    Milestone #2: First encounters with phytotherapy 

    Once upon a time, Morita worked as an airline cabin attendant but was challenged by her fast-paced career and its impacts on her health. After developing allergic bronchial asthma, she began implementing French phytotherapy practices and aromatherapy to address her condition. Inspired by the impressive results, she enrolled at Université de Paris to study these sciences extensively. 


    Milestone #3: Our founder brings her body of work to Japan
    Equipped with an education in herbology, botany, gynecology, anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, and aromatherapy, Morita returned to her home country and began pioneering her own approach to natural healing known as bio-phytotherapy. She has since gone on to become a leading contributor in her field, winning awards for her research and discoveries, and founding Japan’s Le Bois Phytotherapy School.

    Milestone #4: Waphyto launches for the international market

    In 2020, Morita’s innovation led to the creation of her flagship company, Waphyto – a completely holistic beauty and wellness collection, with products for the skin, body, hair, and intimate care. With a mission to promote “living colorfully with Mother Earth”, Waphyto represents Japanese WA (or Harmony) culture as well as the fundamental principles of phytotherapy. 

    Milestone #5: Japan’s first biomethodology brand looks to the future of clean beauty and wellness

    Today, Waphyto continues to innovate Japan’s robust beauty and wellness market, launching new products each year and winning awards for our sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. In recent years, Morita has extended her expertise to the growing Femtech revolution, and is quickly carving the path for empowered feminine care in Japan.


    As one recent media article asserts, “With a 100-year life span on the horizon, Morita’s anti-aging care products condense the mysterious energy from plants to enhance life force.”

    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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