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  • June 26, 2023 2 min read

    Is your skincare routine ready for the summer season?

    To prepare for warm weather and more time spent in the sun, Waphyto’s Regena Serum is the perfect summer solution! Here’s how it works:

    • Plant-powered ingredients to promote a youthful complexion – Combining homegrown Japanese botanicals with modern cosmetic science, Regena Serum contains key ingredients like adaptogenic ashwagandha and functional peptides alongside our proprietary blend of herbal extracts.

    • Protection against environmental aggressors – A key function of Regena Serum is its ability to combat the effects of UV radiation and other external factors that can damage the skin or contribute to premature aging. This makes it especially effective for summertime, when sun exposure is most intense.
    • Soothing care for stressed or struggling skin – In addition to boosting elasticity and encouraging cellular rejuvenation, Regena Serum provides relief for irritation and inflammation, thanks to calming ingredients that reduce redness and support the skin’s important recovery processes.
    • Aromatherapy from natural essential oils – One more unique aspect of Regena Serum is its signature scent. Its subtle, yet refreshing, fragrance features notes of citrus as well as geranium, sandalwood, and iranis, which are known to promote a more relaxed mood.


    Our Top Tips for Summer Skincare with Regena Serum:


    Tip #1: Add Regena Serum as part of any targeted treatment routine

    Regardless of your skin type or condition, the Regena Serum formula can be used by everyone! Because it supports the skin’s essential functions, it can be helpful to address multiple concerns. Happy Waphyto customers report great results for managing acne breakouts, redness, uneven texture, dehydrated skin, signs of aging, and more. 


    Tip #2: Apply Regena Serum along with other Waphyto skincare essentials

    To create your own summer ritual we recommend prepping the skin with your Waphyto cleanser and toner of choice, and following with Regena Serum. Lastly, select your favorite Waphyto moisturizer to apply on top. This will ensure that all of the benefits of your serum stay locked in, along with long-lasting moisture and hydration.


    Tip #3: Incorporate Regena Serum twice per day for best results

    Although using Regena Serum just once per day will be beneficial, it is gentle enough to be used morning and night. The more consistently it is added to the routine, the more you will notice its incredible effects.

    Waphyto Team
    Waphyto Team

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