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Intimate Mist


Refresh and replenish moisture, anytime with one spray of feminine mist.

An all-in-one intimate area mist to feel clean and moisturized. The fine-tuned lotion spray keeps every inch of your skin feeling clean and fresh. Use this multi-use spray to relief discomfort from sweat and dampness, and even as a moisturizer for your body. The moisturizing ingredients includes a combination of six botanical extracts from the Mikawa region. 

Intimate Mist also contains Loquat leaf extract, a newly added ingredient to tackle discomfort. A familiar ingredient throughout history especially in Eastern Asian, Loquat leaf extract, prevents skin irritation and maintains a healthy skin environment.

Take it on the road and enjoy a moment to freshen up with its refreshing essential oil fragrance. 

  • For delicate areas:

    1. Spray directly onto the desired area
    2. Spray onto toilet paper and use as a wipe
    3. Use after bath or shower as an easy moisturizing care routine

    For body: Use on other areas of the body other than the delicate areas to mask odor, such as underarms, feet, or any dry areas.

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