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  • Intimate Foaming Wash


    Instant and gentle care with a rich, foaming wash for clearer skin.

    Our new Intimate Foaming Wash comes in an easy-to-use foam dispenser bottle for simple, everyday use. This rich and fine foam gently envelops your delicate areas and prevents friction while washing away even the smallest impurities and odor away. The foam will wash away quickly and with ease, leaving you with a plump and moisturized finish, making it perfect for a luxurious self-care time. 

    Botanical ingredients such as artichoke leaf extract moisturizes areas of dullness and makes your skin look brighter. Uses less acidic and hypoallergenic formula.


    • For delicate areas: Take two pumps onto your hands, wash your delicate area gently, and rinse with warm water.

      To improve dullness in the skin: Take three pumps of foam apply to your chest, underarms, or any other area of dryness. Leave for approximately 30 seconds and then rinse to use as a dullness cleansing mask.