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  • Feminine Refreshing Duo

    Feel refreshed in an instant and replenish moisture while on the road with our new mist, and cleanse easily with the fluffy foam from our foaming wash.

    Intimate Mist is specially designed to provide all-in-one feminine care and it can be used on-the-go, or as part of your daily care rituals to keeps every inch of your skin feeling clean and fresh. Its lightweight lotion texture is easily absorbed by the skin, providing instant relief from dryness, discomfort, and irritation. 

    Intimate Foaming Wash will envelop your delicate areas and prevent friction while washing away even the smallest impurities and odor away. The foam will wash away quickly and with ease, leaving you with a plump and moisturized finish, making it perfect for a luxurious self-care time. 


    This set includes:

    • Intimate Mist 30ml
    • Intimate Foaming Wash 150ml
    • Waphyto pouch