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  • Upcycled Bamboo Hair Brush

    Upcycled Bamboo Brush is intended to be a tool for everyday care, and can be used in combination with the other Waphyto hair care products to create a synergistic effect.

    Using Upcycled Bamboo Brush, the brush portion works to encourage circulation at the scalp level, and enhance the massaging effects. It can also be used to brush through the hair from root to tip, removing tangles, creating additional volume, and accessing acupuncture points in the process.

    For the creation of the brushes, we used upcycled bamboo, which is a natural material thats often treated as a byproduct. Each brush even features its own unique wood grain pattern, and the pins are hand-embedded one-by-one by craftsmen.

    • Brush and massage the hair and scalp to keep your hair shiny and free of tangles, to stimulate the capillaries of the scalp, which promotes blood circulation and lead to healthier hair.

      Tap the scalp gently with the brush for a more concentrative massage for the scalp.

      Waphyto recommends using our Scalp & Hair Oil with the hair brush. Apply the oil before brushing your hair, so that it can be moved smoothly and avoid damage for the hair by friction. Using the hair brush might help the oil to blend into the overall hair.