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  • Enhance Body Cream


    Gently care and moisture for your skin and your mind.

    Enhance Body Cream contains natural and moisturizing ingredients to help attain plump and soft skin, and a luxurious blend of plant-based ingredients, such as altair root and peony extracts for conditioning, softening, and smoothing the skin. The rich-textured cream melts to the touch, and helps achieve a dewy and glowy effect.

    Waphyto body care lineup aromatherapy fragrances are inspired by the theory of “Qi, Blood and Water” rooted in Eastern medicine. Enhance Body Cream, connected with blood flow, has a floral, herbal, and fruity aroma, with a hint of spice from clove. A fragrance focused on rejuvenation and re-energizing the body.

      1. Take an appropriate amount and spread it on both hands to warm it. First, enjoy the scent of the essential oils.
      2. Gently spread over the entire body without rubbing.
      3. Lightly hand-press as a finish to blend firmly and make it even more comfortable.
      • Morning/Daytime
      • In addition to its moisturizing effect, it also has a light fragrance feel to change your mood during the day. Apply the scent that suits your mood to your neck and wrists.
      • Night
      • A moment of healing for a comfortable sleep. Apply to the warm skin after bath.