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  • Intimate Moisturizing Cream


    Envelop your skin with botanical moisture to achieve elasticity in your skin with our rich, moisturizing cream made just for your delicate areas. 

    A moisturizing cream for daily care to replenish your skin from friction and dryness, and protect your skin from irritation. Rich in texture without feeling oily, this simple care has the suited texture to replenish elasticity in the skin around your delicate areas. 

    Contains a combination of 5 herbal extracts from Aichi prefecture, and echinacea and artichoke leaf extracts (skin conditioning ingredients), all of which are extracted through proprietary methods, to care for skin troubles and dull appearance. An additional 4 botanical oils are combined, including squalane and avocado oil, to give your dry skin the plump and elastic texture to condition your skin. 

    • Take a pearl-sized drop of the cream and gently apply using your finger on your delicate areas.