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Skincare Trial Set

This set contains smaller sizes of our entire skincare range. Great as a travel pack, or if you're wanting to try out the in our range before buying the full sizes.

This set contains:

  • Regena Cleansing Oil 30ml - Makeup remover containing a blend of botanical oils
  • Regena Foaming Wash 18g - Creamy daily cleanser with gentle lathering properties
  • Regena Toner Regena Toner 30ml - Hydrating toner lotion with a richly-nourishing formula
  • Regena Facial Milk 20ml - Moisturizing lotion with a lightweight, silky, soft texture 
  • Regena Enriched Cream 8g - Concentrated, deeply moisturizing, plant-based face cream
  • Regena Facial Oil 8ml - Youth-boosting botanical beauty oil with a light, hydrating feel

Ingredients & How to use: