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    Protects the skin’s natural barrier functions while washing the entire body, an easy-to-use foam type wash.

    A super-fine foaming wash for babies from head to toe with just one push of the bottle. Includes moisturizing ingredients to support baby skin’s natural barrier function. By adding palm oil to the formula, you can protect necessary sebum with a gentle wash. Easy-to-use packaging, designed to be able to use with just one hand.

    Waphyto’s Baby Care was inspired by the powerful effects of chrysanthemum, or Japanese calendula, to help a baby’s sensitive skin. Chrysanthemum is full of vitality and has long been referred to as “the elixir for longevity,” while its calming aroma is said to help with a peaceful sleep.

    Includes playful stickers to decorate the bottle.


    • Take a moderate amount in your hand, lather and gently wash with the foam.

      Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.